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Our Mission Our History

“Buy a Pork sandwich and help build a Community”

  The roots to Sticky Soul & BBQ actually take trace back to June 10th 1982, when a 21 year old kid named Howard Nielsen started the pizza station. Now Chester Cab Pizza on Park Avenue. In April of 2004, Sticky Lips BBQ at 625 Culver Road was opened, the sign on the Marquee read “ I just spent my life savings, please eat my food” To this day customers still mention it. In 2011 a second Sticky Lips BBQ was opened in Hennrieta N.Y. to much fan fare as the original store had just been featured in Man Vs. Food Nation with Adam Richmen.

   Unfortunately on Columbus Day 2018 the Owner had to make a very difficult decision and closed the origional location on Culver Road. Fast forward to 2020, a new culinary idea, the kissing cousin to Sticky Lips BBQ. Sticky Soul & BBQ. It’s menu of soul food, Jamacian flavors and hickory smoked infused BBQ all have close roots to each other and is represented with the painted ladies in our logo.    A quick casual restaurant with an Americana atmosphere that is Nielsen’s trademark. Howie has teamed up with  culinary veteans, Patricia Gallagher and Tommy Fulton, former Sticky Lips employees and great chefs. 

  Since the first days of the pizza station, Howie has employeed over 5,000 Rochestarians of whom many he calls friends. Both restaurants will carry on the belief in being involved with the community and feeding the hungry!

We hope you enjoy our new menu,

Sticky Soul & BBQ.

Sticky Soul BBQ is a fun restaurant serving barbecue and Jamaican food in Rochester, NY. 

Looking forward to hosting you soon!